02 September 2006

150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic

I just stumbled across this awesome... I don't know what to call it... thing by Dave Armstrong. He's a Catholic apologist and a convert from Evangelical Protestantism. He's the author of quite a few Catholic apologetic books including A Biblical Defense of Catholicism and The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages that Confound Protestants. I've read some excerpts online- very cool. On his blog, Cor ad cor loquitur, he has posted 150 reasons (little statements that demonstrate how the Catholic Church is the Church of the New Testament and Tradition. He includes a disclaimer that I'd like to paraphrase here. He isn't out to slam Protestantism, just to point out the errors of Protestant beliefs and show the Truth of Catholic beliefs. Also, not every point applies to every Protestant/Evangelical group... With that said, go check it out!