29 October 2006

An update

School has kept me so busy that I haven't been able to get on the Internet for much free time, let alone work on a substantial post. Though I have a little time to write about a big part of recent events.

So it's the college application season for high school seniors. Since the truth of the Catholic faith had been shown to me, I've wanted to go to a Catholic university. It would be my only opportunity to get a formal Catholic education. After looking at the cost of attending a private college and realizing that my mom would not support me, I resigned to the fact that I would have to go to a public university. That lasted for a couple years. Then I started to get information about a new Catholic university here in Florida.
Ave Maria University is an orthodox, faithful Catholic college that is being built up in the planned town of Ave Maria, Florida. Because the college is in Florida, I would be able to use the Florida Bright Futures scholarship money there ($4,000/year). Also, AMU has a very generous scholarship program. A long story made short, it should be feasible for me to attend. So I sent in my application and I should know the result by the end of November! Praise God! If all goes well, I will be among the first students at Ave Maria's permanent campus, pursuing a degree in Theology. God is good.


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