22 March 2008

FutureChurch and St. Augustine's Catholic Church

Hmm... I found this on FutureChurch's website. FutureChurch is concerned about the related issues of women in ministry, optional celibacy, inclusive language, and Church decision-making that involves all the faithful, as called for by Vatican II. In other words, it is a heretical organization. They promote events called "Celebrations of St. Mary of Magdala". One of these celebrations is a bit of a tradition at Saint Augustine's, led by Kathy Kidder. Here is the article from FutureChurch

A few highlights:
The evening opened with a "blessing" by Sister Dolorosa Kissaka
Nancy Demers "presided" over a vespers service
Sister Rose Hoover (who has advocated women's ordination) gave an "inspiring reflection".

Shoot, I wish I was there.

03 March 2008

On the Liturgy- This Priest Rocks!!!