05 May 2008

Episcopal Irresponsibility

One of these days I promise I'll get a positive blog post out. There have been good things happening, I promise. Summer is here and I am up in Virginia with my Catholic family, so I'll try to find some time to post a little more. This one article today really caught my attention, though.
During the recent Papal Mass in Washington, several high-profile dissenting Catholic politicians received Holy Communion. This also happened in New York City, where thrice "married" Giuliani received the Body of Christ. Cardinal Egan in New York later issued a statement of regret, saying that Mayor Giuliani should not have received Communion. In Washington, Archbishop Wuerl also issued a statement, which can be found here. He makes the argument that the local bishop of the politician should be making the call regarding withholding Holy Communion... Your Excellency, you are shirking responsibility for the pastoral care of souls. These men and women work in your diocese; most of them have residence in your diocese. Do you not have a responsibility here? They came to a Mass in your diocese, and received the Body and Blood of Christ in a state of public, manifest grave sin. Why will you stand aside while the Body of Christ is being profaned? Pray for Archbishop Wuerl, and for bishops everywhere.


Blogger Cliff Notes said...

One of my good friends is a former seminarian of the Archdiocese of Washington DC. When I spoke with him a few months ago I asked him what their policy was on withholding communion from politicians, "The individual conscience" he said, then something along the lines of how strange it was. You should have heard what he said about the Mass at Verizon center, hahaha.

May 05, 2008 3:32 PM  
Blogger Anthony M Piferrer said...

I hate to say it, but I feel like somehow the assumption of political/religious/social power or whatever leads people to become pansies. The Archbishop's statement would be considered, were he in the military,tantamount to dereliction of duty. When will anyone pick up the whip and chase out the moneylenders again?

May 05, 2008 11:06 PM  

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