12 August 2008

What ARE They Thinking?!? (1)

I've never tried a 'series' of posts- other than my reports from Spain. I think it might be a fun idea, so here goes. Snooping around the internet- (or stalking?) I have come across a lot of pictures that make me scratch my head and ask, "What are they thinking?!?" So in this series, I'm going to post some pictures, both of the head-scratching nature and of the "Ahhh- now that's nice" nature. Enjoy, and pray that the Holy Ghost will soon bring us out of this current crisis of confusion and dissent.

What are they thinking?!? A clown Mass!?

Ahhh- now that's nice! That's Catholic nice.

Except... the second picture is not Catholic at all. It's not Mass. It's the liturgy of an Episcopalian church in Philadelphia- St. Clement's. Yeah, that's the Sanctus you hear when you visit the page. Now why can the Anglicans have a ceremony that looks like a Mass, complete with "priest, deacon, subdeacon", male altar servers in cassock and surplice.... and ugh. The first picture is an exaggeration (but a true event) of what most Catholic parishes get on Sunday. That's Fr. Fred Bailey at Corpus Christi in CA. He's listening to a troupe of clown-actors proclaim the Gospel. What are they thinking?

Basically, what we have here is an issue of obedience to tradition and rubrics. Whether it's the Old or the New Mass, priests must do what the book says. No changed words, no cookies for Communion (which invalidates the Mass), and no hand holding! It's quite simple, folks.



Blogger Ragekj said...

I hear some of the Anglicans in the Fort Worth area are talking about coming over en masse. Maybe the latter picture will be coming to a parish near you sometime. We can certainly hope, right?

August 15, 2008 2:44 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Knox said...

I'm hoping they get the OK. Same with TAC. We shall see!

August 20, 2008 12:30 PM  
Blogger Anders longs for Orthodoxy... said...

St. Clement's makes me so sad, because they are so CLOSE!!! but so far. I am praying for their conversion. They would have so much to offer to the Church in their area. Isn't it beautiful?

August 20, 2008 3:21 PM  

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