28 September 2008

Proportionate Reasons (2)

Here you go... what can I say? The devil speaks for himself.

"On this fundamental issue [of choice (murder)] I will not yield, and Planned Parenthood will not yield."

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27 September 2008

Proportionate Reasons

I'd like to share a quote by Archbishop Chaput of Denver. He is talking about what a proportionate reason could be to justify voting for a pro-choice candidate.

"What is a ‘proportionate’ reason when it comes to the abortion issue? It’s the kind of reason we will be able to explain, with a clean heart, to the victims of abortion when we meet them face to face in the next life–which we most certainly will. If we’re confident that these victims will accept our motives as something more than an alibi, then we can proceed."

Wow... that's something to think about. If you plan on voting for Obama, what will your excuse be if you were to meet a victim of abortion in the next life?

14 September 2008

It's Only Proper....

For the Novus Ordo Mass, a common practice is to take the universal norm, discard it, and replace it with one of the options. This is not the rite's fault so much, though the fact that the options exist doesn't help the situation.

One main issue is the idea of the Propers of the Mass. Did you know that the norm, the preferred option, is not to have an "entrance hymn", an "offertory hymn", and a "communion hymn"? Nope! There's a book called the Graduale Romanum, and it has all of the chants that belong to each particular day's Mass. The introit is the prayer that is sung as the priest and company process in, while the other propers are sung prayers that actually have to do with the day's Mass and what is going on at the altar.

We need to revive the use of the propers in the Graduale Romanum. It's only proper...

Read a recent article about the need for Propers here.

Why Don't I Go to St. A's on Sundays?

Some might ask, "why don't you go to Mass at Saint Augustine's on Sundays?" Well, I do some times. If I have no other choice, then of course I go, but on occasion I will hear Mass if I feel like I can. In a way, Saint Augustine's is my parish. I am registered there, I go to daily Mass there, I attend CSF, Newman Dinners, and Bible Study. If I have any bills in my wallet on Sunday Mass, I drop a few in the collection. So in this way, it is my parish.

So why go elsewhere to assist at Mass? Why go to another diocese? Well, the answer is clear. Queen of Peace Ocala is the closest parish that has the Traditional Latin Mass! It is offered by two priests of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP). The FSSP is in full communion with Rome, has the Pope's and the local bishop's approval, and brings to us the Roman Rite in its form of over 1300 years.

While the community aspect of the Sunday Mass should not be ignored, "the sacred liturgy is above all things the worship of the divine Majesty" (Sacrosanctum Concilium 33). Therefore, what we should be most concerned about in Mass is the adoration of the Holy Trinity. The sacrifice of the pure Victim (Christ) offered by Christ in the person of the priest and joined with the laity is the supreme act of worship.

Now, if there are certain elements in the local celebration of the Mass that detract from the worship of the divine Majesty, what should be done? At times it is nearly impossible for me to sit there and focus on the sacrifice of the Mass when there are abuses and profanations happening. Some of them include:
  • Bad music. Music needs to be associated with the Mass. First to go are heterodox songs- "Sing a New Church Into Being" and the like. Next are the anthropocentric songs. Many times at St. A's I hear lyrics and think "I, me, we us". After those, the songs that are just not appropriate for the Mass in general. Every song should reflect on what is going on in Mass. For example, after Communion, a poor song choice would be "Over My Head". "Over my head... I hear trouble in the air... there must be a God somewhere." Hello!? Of course there is a God somewhere. He's right here and we have just received Him in the sacred species! The idea of Afro-spirituals and other contemporary music, while for the most part not inherently bad in itself, is another topic entirely.
  • Felt. Okay, those banners- I know they are only up for two weeks or so, but please. They distract the mind like crazy. We are supposed to be focused on the altar, yet right behind the altar is a big, ugly, purple banner that reads "CENACLE". Let's get out of the 60's, please, and into the action. Full, conscious, active participation? Not here.
  • Hand holding. We aren't supposed to hold hands at the Our Father. Especially if the priest is involved... the Vatican has said that the addition of any rite or gesture must happen through the appropriate avenue- which is not the laity.
  • False starts. Related to hand holding is the idea of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and when they head on up to the altar. The common practice at Saint Augustine's is for the EMHCs to go to the altar for the Lord's Prayer. Then they either hold each other's hands (implicit approval of the parish) or hold the priest's hands! (Explicit approval of the parish.) According to the GIRM, #162, these "ministers should not approach the altar before the priest has received Communion." That would be after the priest says, "This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are called to His supper."
  • Clapping. As soon as the recessional hymn is done, the congregation begins to clap. When I go to the Traditional Mass on Sundays, as soon as the recessional is done, everyone kneels and says prayers of thanksgiving.
This is all besides the fact that I strongly prefer the Traditional Mass. There is nothing wrong with this, either! The Holy Father has clearly shown this with his motu proprio . Then today I read this remark about Summorum Pontificum.

"Everyone, without exception, must be able to feel at home, and never (must he feel) rejected."

Should not traditional Roman Catholics feel at home too?

A Prayer Intention

Could you pray for a young lady who wants to come into the Catholic Church? I don't want to go into details, but prayers for her conversion process would be appreciated!

10 September 2008

Vote for Life in 2008

Thank you, Jenn, for sharing this video! If the embed doesn't work- view the video here.

Whoever you vote for this November, make sure that it is a vote for life... not against life.

New Website

Hello, readers!

We now have our own domain name. You can access the blog at www.testimonytotruth.com


That is all.

09 September 2008

Who'd Have Thunk?

I write stuff on this blog and people actually read it. Yikes!

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

First off, let me say I am really upset that I was not able to hear Mass today. Unfortunately, the feast of the Blessed Virgin's nativity fell on a Monday this year.... and Monday is the one day I can't get to Mass because of work and classes. Also, I hear that Father Eseke gave an awesome homily on Our Lady! RATS!!!! Oh well... anyways...

I'm really excited about this year. Father David Ruchinski gave an excellent presentation on Holy Mass at CSF tonight. He asked for comments from people who had attended a Traditional Latin Mass, and all of the remarks were extremely positive. Like a cry for the old Mass. Even though I had to put my trad tendencies aside to listen to the bit about the "renewal of the Liturgy" following the Second Vatican Council.... I was happy to hear that "when it comes to the Novus Ordo, the Church is still working out the bugs." It was interesting to hear a priest in Gainesville say this. Maybe I shouldn't write that here... well, I don't think it will do any harm. I will be offering many prayers for Father, and I encourage you to join me. On a side note, he chuckled when I said "ad orientem goodness".

Upcoming in the Church's calendar.... we have the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14. Holy Cross day happens to be one of my favorite days in the calendar, and I hope to get some flowers to adorn the crosses in my room. September 14 also has some importance for us as it is the one year anniversary of the promulgation of the Holy Father's motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.

Well, I must get to bed! It is 1:15 and Rosary is in only 9 hours, followed by a full shift at my cataloging job at Smathers.

God bless!