01 October 2008

Another Bishop on Obama

I don't usually ever have political posts, but this election is so important, and the lives of so many unborn are at stake...

Here is another bishop coming out and demonstrating that Barack Obama is not a suitable candidate for any Catholic's vote. Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City has the following to say:

"If we are inclined to vote for someone despite their pro-abortion stance, it seems we are morally obliged to establish a proportionate reason sufficient to justify the destruction of 45 million human persons through abortion. If we learn that our “candidate of choice” further pledges – through an instrument such as FOCA - to eliminate all existing limitations against abortion, it is that much more doubtful whether voting for him or her can ever be morally justified under any circumstance."
Wow. That's just about as close as you can get to explicitly saying that we can't vote for Obama. Yes, McCain sucks in various issues, even a life-related issue. The alternative, however, promises much more evil. I beg you, if you are contemplating voting for Obama, don't vote. Even if you can't vote for McCain or a third party candidate, do not cast a vote for Barack Obama.

Here is a link to an article on the great Father Z's blog, discussing this letter from Bp. Finn.


Blogger Daniel said...

I hear what you're saying.. that's why it's so frustrating. I wish we could vote for "none of the above" and just let the presidency sit vacant for 4 years (just kidding). But our candidates really are awful.

We can't just be led around by campaign rhetoric, but have to scrutinize the proposals of each candidate to see which one will accomplish the most good.. and do the least harm. The bishops are responsible for forming our consciences and handing down the faith, not being public policy analysts or social science researchers. Those of us Catholics who do study government accept the moral teachings of the Church, but are divided on how best to apply her teachings.

I'm not a Democrat, very much a Republican, actually. But when I look at the mountains of abortion statistics, it appears that more aggressive safety nets/welfare (whatever you want to call them) would do more to reduce the abortion rate than the minor restrictions that the courts are willing to permit. So it's not really looking for an excuse. I think both candidates are terrible on life, but by looking at the data we have, I honestly think that an Obama presidency might save a few more lives than a McCain presidency.

The thought of voting for a candidate who says the things that Obama says sickens me, but the thought of voting for a candidate like McCain who is against abortion, but isn't doing anything one way or the other about it, doesn't give me any more hope.

It's published by Satan, but they're the only ones doing in-depth research on this issue, and even the pro-life organizations rely on them for their statistics; it's worth a glance:

Reasons U.S. Women Have Abortions by the Guttmacher Institute: http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/psrh/full/3711005.pdf

October 01, 2008 11:49 PM  
Anonymous GF said...


You have created a dilemma by defaulting on your right to conscientiously object to the voting process. Not even our duty as Catholics to engage in the civic process stands taller than our duty to protect a well-formed conscience.

Your voting options aren't restricted to two persons. Neither must you vote for any presidential candidate--despite the social pressure to do so.

Neither must you submit to a process which causes you to rive your conscience. Never yield to such evil!

No man ought ever to stand with a cleaved soul. For no man can stand with a cleaved soul.

The dignity of you as a human being rises above the electoral process. You still have a vote despite the ballot box: you, yourself, by your life, in every moment of selfless sacrifice for preborns, including participating in the political process elsewhere and ensuring better candidates in the future.

Socially speaking, you are the safety net. You are the welfare. Start charitable organizations when government is not the answer. In the long run, the world will be better off, because you stood on principle and witnessed to righteousness and Charity. Your work is bigger than you think: you have God on your side.

In other words, when your country fails you with their nominees for president, you are not helpless. Your feet carry your vote for social reform to others, again despite the ballot box. You are not bound, as all are not bound in Jesus Christ, by the machinations of men. If your conscience cannot bear the presidential nominees across the board, your conscience can still carry you over November 4th into forging new arenas for the social redemption of preborns.

The sometimes fecklessness of the presidency is not our common enemy: despair is. Despair that only out vote matters. Despair that we must choose between the lesser of two evils. Despair that we must trade one love for another. Despair that we can even change a president's mind. History speaks otherwise: MLK knew better, Kolbe knew better, Thomas More knew better... they never had to settle on their leaders; instead, they rose above despair and any alliance with evil by clinging to true hope in the Truth that is Love. It might cost us our lives or--better yet--our entire lived lives.

Only evil drives a wedge by pitting love against love. Here, love is for preborn persons and our desire to minimize the degree of their unjust killing. We can have both. Our Lord has set us free to do so, by choosing an alternate narrow path when necessary for the sake of our consciences, which is for His sake.

I don't mean to sound poetic or idealistic, if it comes across that way. All of this will take a lot of hard work and much thought and wisdom. It's the heavy lifting we all have to do. Even Christ did it with His Cross. But this hard work is worth the lives of all those at-risk preborns.

Disassemble your dilemma until your conscience is so pure that God's very hand could pass through it, unbeknown to Him, for it will be that your love completely matches His.

October 02, 2008 12:58 AM  
Blogger Gerald Lamb said...

Good evening everyone,
If you ever get a chance, I STRONGLY recommend that you learn more about Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph. He is currently putting together THE blueprint for how to turn around a wayward diocese, and a large number of Bishops could learn from his example (I still like Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln more - the man is my personal hero - but he inherited a diocese that was already on solid footing). He is only 55, and I pray that before all is said and done he will play a MUCH larger role in the direction the Church takes in the years to come.

Also check out the one of Finn's pet projects, the Bishop Helmsing Institute. It is a far, far better formation program than what this diocese has to offer.

October 02, 2008 7:32 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...


I really appreciate your post. You have great advice, and I've been thinking about it a lot over the past several days.

God Bless,


October 07, 2008 12:27 AM  

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