18 October 2008

Remember Judgment Day in the Voting Booth

Bishop Robert J. Hermann of St. Louis reminds Catholics that their vote will be weighed on the Day of Judgment.

Bishop Hermann is the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of St. Louis in Missouri. This title means that he was the auxiliary bishop under the previous bishop, but he hasn't been appointed to be the ordinary of the diocese. That previous bishop, by the way, is the great Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Here are a few snips from the bishop's article:

"For many, this coming election may very well be judgment day, for this election will measure us.."

His Excellency is reminding us that our vote has moral consequences. If we vote for a pro-abortion candidate because he is pro-abortion, we commit a mortal sin and must go to confession. If we vote for a pro-abortion candidate in spite of his stance on abortion, there must be proportionate reasons as to why we can support this murderous candidate.

"The decision I make in the voting booth will reflect my value system. If I value the good of the economy and my current lifestyle more than I do the right to life itself, then I am in trouble..."

"My desire for a good economy cannot justify my voting to remove all current restrictions on abortion. My desire to end the war in Iraq cannot justify my voting to remove all current restrictions on abortion."

Here the bishop says that the economy and the Iraq war ARE NOT proportionate reasons for voting for Obama. Senator Obama wants remove all restrictions on abortion. This is the Freedom of Choice Act that he has pledged to sign into law. The good bishop is pretty much telling us that we can't vote for Barack Obama.

It is clear that we can't vote for Obama. If you can't vote for John McCain in good conscience, vote third party. But remember, a vote for Barack Obama puts your soul in danger.


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