22 February 2009

Pro-Life Observations on the Archangels

This thought on the archangels came to me as I was praying at Bread and Roses, one of our "abortion clinics" in Gainesville. I figured it was pretty interesting, so I prayed some more about it and looked to the different passages in the Bible that talked about these angels. I believe that all the angels, and especially Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael can help us in the fight against abortion.

God created His angels to serve him, give Him worship, be messengers to earth.. but they can also help us and carry our prayers to the Father! In the Bible we know the names of three of the archangels- Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. All three of these angels are 'famous' for some particular characteristic that they seem to specialize in.

Gabriel is the angel of good news, God's chief messenger to men. It is interesting that the two New Testament references to Gabriel both have him announcing conceptions and births! It was Gabriel who appeared to Zacharias and announced that his wife Elisabeth would have a son, John. Six months later, Gabriel brought the news to Mary that she would conceive and give birth to the Son of God! We should ask Gabriel to look after the women who are considering abortion. We need to pray that God makes known to them that they are carrying a child, a precious life that deserves to be brought into this world.

Raphael is the least well known, since he appears in the book of Tobit. So Protestants probably don't recognize him at all, though the Jews recognize him and all Christians for at least 1500 years recognized him as an angel and Tobit as a real book of the Old Testament. Raphael came to Tobias and healed him of his blindness. Also, in John 5:2-4, we read of the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. An angel of the Lord descended into the pool, stirring it up. The first person to go into the pool after the disturbance was healed. The Church has always considered this particular angel to be Raphael. His very name means "It is God who heals". Women who are looking to have an abortion are in need of healing... physically and spiritually. Those who go through with the procedure definitely need healing and forgiveness. Let us pray to St. Raphael that God heal these women.

I save Michael for last because he is the coolest (aka- he's my confirmation saint). Michael is the prince of the heavenly host! It was he who came to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-15) identifying himself as the commander of the army of the Lord. He contended with the prince of Persia for the liberation of the Jewish people in Daniel, and it was he who expelled Lucifer and his evil angels from heaven. He is the spiritual warrior of spiritual warriors. Abortion is the province of Satan, and be sure that every woman who is faced with an 'unwanted pregnancy' has at least one demon whispering in her ear, "go ahead, have an abortion." Every man who pressures his girlfriend or wife to have an abortion... he has a devil prodding him to do this. We ought to ask Michael the archangel to repel the attacks of the evil one and his minions. Too long has Satan been influencing men and women to choose death, to choose abortion.

We can counsel women, we can raise awareness, we can write politicians... but abortion is a plague of the devil, and a spiritual battle must be fought. The angels, and especially these three archangels, are our mighty and powerful allies in the war against abortion. They are the ones who stand in the throne room of God, who see Him face to face. We can, and must, ask for their protection and intercession!

In Jesus and Mary,

15 February 2009

College Student Cooking

I made spaghetti tonight.

On a recent trip to Publix using the always reliable (reliably late) RTS- I picked up a few boxes of spaghetti and various sauces- marinara, tomato and basil, etc.. so tonight after Holy Mass I decided to cook some dinner.

Setting up the kitchen

When one is cooking 'Italian', one needs Italian music! Mr. Josh Groban provided the ambiance.

The busy college life sometimes demands that one leave dirty pots and pans in the room for a few days or so. Make sure to scrub your pots!

Time to get the marinara sauce started. I mean, I poured it out of the jar... there's not much to do here. Let it sit on a low setting and remember to stir it!

There goes the spaghetti! I used a little under half a pound (about half the box) for myself. About 1.5 cups of the sauce should cover it.

Reeses Pieces!! We have a side dish!

Sierra Mist goes well with spaghetti and marinara. Here's a little trick I learned at a restaurant in France.

Oh! What's that noise at the bird feeder!?
Ursus americanus... of course. Silly bear! Get down from there! The birds will be scared away for a few days.


The finished product! Voila! Good, easy, cheap!