09 April 2009


At 7:41 in the morning on March 26, Theodore Charles Ignatius Jerge was born at 9 pounds, 6 ounces and a week overdue! That night I had a plane ticket to Virginia... at 3:00 in the morning on the 27th I left Gainesville and with baby Teddy not only 24 hours old I had landed in Baltimore. It was a hectic weekend, but I was so blessed and honored to be able to be a part of his baptism. My 'Catholic Mom' asked me back in November if I would be the godfather to the new baby. I happily said yes and had been eagerly looking forward to the baby's birth and baptism.

So what's a godfather? Godparents act as sponsors at the child's baptism. My next post will be on Baptism and the legitimacy of infant Baptism... Since little Teddy couldn't profess the faith he was being baptized into, Katrina (the godmother) and I did so for him. Also, for the rest of my life I am to be an example of living out the Catholic Faith, in my words and actions. While the parents are responsible for the religious education of the child, should they be unable to for whatever reason, the godparents make sure that the child learns the Faith, so he can live up to the baptismal vows that were made on his behalf. I'm praying for Teddy every day, that he will grow up to be a good Catholic who loves his God and his Church.


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aww, congrats Jon! Great pics :)

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