13 December 2011


On the suggestion of a friend, I'm going to give this blog another go. It's been just shy of 2 years since I last posted on this blog. Testimony to Truth has been around since April 2005.. in fact, I started writing during the interregnum (the time between the reigns of John Paul II and Benedict XVI). Much has changed in my life since I started in 2005, and much has changed even since I last wrote 2 years ago. It's such a strange experience, going back and reading what you wrote years ago... peering into your own mind.

We change, but Christ stays the same. Christus heri, hodie, et semper! Christ yesterday, today, and forever! What a reassuring thought. As I'm writing this I'm reminded of a line from that Catholics Come Home commercial... "In this world filled with chaos, hardship, and pain, it's comforting to know that some things remain consistent, true, and strong: our Catholic Faith and the eternal love that God has for all creation."

God hasn't abandoned me, throughout the trials and hardships. His promise is true. (Hebrews 13:5) Only we can make that decision to abandon God. So here is a prayer that I always remain in God's grace, and never lose sight of that blessed hope, never stray from the path. I invite y'all to join me on my path, my journey. Testimony to Truth has been resurrected. Rededicated. All for Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mother of God, Mother of the Church.


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